Wednesday, April 6, 2011

186 Days to Go

As the knot keeps ever so kindly reminding me, there are only 186 days left until the wedding. Now don't get me wrong. I did NOT buy a dress that was too small for me, stubbornly set on losing the weight or bust. No I bought the dress that fit, but that doesn't mean that I can't use this very real count down toward a major life change as an opportunity to force myself to commit to getting in shape.

I am not fat. I just want to slim down/tone up, more for the honeymoon than anything else. So I've embarked on a diet of 1200 calories a day, coupled by 5 days a week of working out. I don't mind the working out, I would be doing that anyway, but the diet is rough. Especially because of my passion for baking/cooking/eating.

I like to blame it on my partially Italian heritage, this unquenchable love of food. And since I moved to Georgia last August and started seriously baking and cooking much much more in a (successful) attempt to save money, it makes it harder to commit to a diet that doesn't allow me to enjoy the fruits of my labor.

In fact, I just got finished reading pretty much the whole way through a cookbook called "Baked Explorations" which was a rather stupid thing to do. I already made the recipe for Nutella scones from that book, and based on the one bite I allowed myself, they were wonderful. At least that's what my fiance and coworkers said.

Speaking of the fiance, his birthday is coming up which provides me with an definite opportunity to bake again, in the form of his birthday cake. Right now I'm kind of undecided between an oatmeal chocolate chip cookie cake with cream cheese frosting or red velvet. Either way I'm excited.

At any rate, wish me luck as I continue onward through a minefield of delicious feasts of which I cannot partake.

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