Friday, May 6, 2011

10 pounds later...

So I've been religiously sticking to my diet, a side effect of which is a rapidly developing obsession with food, but I've seen some marked success! Since March 30 I've lost 10 pounds! I'm so excited. I wore pants today that haven't fit that well in years.

I've achieved these successes simply, by counting calories. Another factor that helps with both the weight loss as well as the food obsession is that I've been cooking at home about 6 days every week, packing my lunches for work, and eating breakfast each day.

I haven't been exercising particularly more, although I also keep track of the calories I burn through exercise, so if I'm extra hungry one day I try to at least do a little 30 minute circuit training workout to earn some calories back.

My calorie goal has been a net of 1200 each day. I've read all over the internet that 1200 is the magic number that you should "never" dip below, although some days when I golf for like 2.5 hours and end up burning around 500 and I don't always want to eat all of that back. I think it's a little ridiculous for anyone to just throw a magic number out that applies to everyone. I registered on which has been a godsend for calorie/fitness tracking as well as weight and body measurements tracking. Also, livestrong is awesome because you can enter your weight each day and it tailors your daily calorie allowance based on your changing weight and weight loss goals.

Now I know I've talked a lot about weight loss. I'm not obsessed with any specific number on the scale, I really just want to slim down and tone up and I want clothes to fit better. I realize that muscle weighs more than fat which is why I'm taking body measurements as well. 125 pounds of mostly muscle takes up a lot less space than 125 pounds of mostly fat.

I mentioned that I've been cooking each night, which has been fun. I used to bake little treats constantly, which I love, but either I eat too many of them or I resent the fact that I can't, so I've throttled back the baking considerably and replaced it with cooking a new meal each night. I also registered on allrecipes which is another *great* site.

Today I made Southwest Chicken, which was pretty good but not fabulous, probably my own fault for not adding more spices. I much preferred the salsa chicken that I made the other day. It was delicious and so so easy. I'll have to take a picture next time I make it.

Finally, I will admit that in part because of my food obsession I've been ogling cake pops and a cakepop maker from bakerella... oh buddy.

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