Tuesday, May 10, 2011


So apparently 11 pounds lighter Ashley has an unadulterated love of shopping. Big surprise there. Whereas for the past few years I've hated going shopping because I can't stand the way clothes fit me, today it was the complete opposite. I was looking for a dress to wear for Jim and my engagement photos and I found 3...oops.

This does NOT mean that I'm satisfied and am going to start eating like crazy again, oh no. I'm sticking to the diet until I get down to my goal weight and tone it up as well. We are going up to Richmond this weekend for the engagement photos and to visit a few of Jim's friends, which is going to be lots of fun, and I plan on letting myself cheat a little bit, but not get too out of hand. Also, I'm baking chocolate chip pecan cookies and cake balls for his friends too. I like to bring edible gifts when I visit friends.

Finally, I had my first official commission for my baking skills today. One of my colleagues is paying me to bake her some of my best cookies for her softball team's bake sale fundraiser. I think I'm going to make Eileen's sour cream sugar cookies decorated like baseballs and peanut butter cup cookies. Delish!

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