Thursday, June 30, 2011

I love Italian night!

Tonight's breakfinner was Cajun Pasta Fresca. I added Cajun chicken on top as well and it was crazy good. Next time I'll use less salt in the tomatoes because I think my Cajun seasoning already has quite a bit. Here it is!

I just finished this and it's making me hungry again! And you guessed it. Tonight's the night we've all been waiting for. It's time for maple glazed cinnamon roll cupcakes. That should keep me busy while Jim's at work. I'm very excited.

Also, a little anecdote I've been meaning to mention here. In a moment of weakness last week, I gave in to a vending machine craving. I could only walk by the new Peanut Butter Snickers so many times before I caved. And honestly, I was not impressed. It wasn't even that peanut buttery. You'd be hard pressed to find a peanut butter chocolate combo I don't like, but this is one. So if you haven't tried it yet, don't worry about it. That's all.....for now!

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