Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Turkey loaf again and Baby Bakers

Well it's my first night working the night shift, I'm getting ready to leave for work in a bit... I had a grand master plan involving using my weekend to adjust fully to the night shift schedule, and it worked until this morning...first night, up until 5am, second night, 8:30am. This morning I was supposed to be up until at least 11am, but was asleep on the floor by 6. It's Cricket's fault for cuddling me so cutely.

Thus, we ate the "dinner" that we were going to eat at 9am tomorrow for breakfast tonight, and I'm just going to go to bed when I get home instead, because surprise! I'm not superwoman. It's going to take a little more time to fully adjust the way we want to. So anyway, I made turkey loaf again because it's so filling yet so healthy and I love it. Also I made baby baked potatoes with garlic...delicious.

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