Saturday, June 4, 2011

What in the world have I been cooking the past couple days?!?!

Well actually I made a great beef bulgogi last night, but after a long day of work and attempted puppy training, we were both so starved that we just scarfed it all before I could even think about getting a camera out. It was really good though. This is the second time I've prepared it, the first time Jim tried it he raved about it, was a little upset that I hadn't made more, and said that it tasted exactly like the meat on a stick that he had tried and loved when he was living in Northern China for a year.

I've been weaning Jim onto spicier and spicier foods for some time now (I love spicy food) and the first time I made it I used the full 2 tablespoons of sesame chili oil that the recipe called for. This time around I toned it down to just one, but I think I liked it better when it had more. Sorry for the lack of pictures. I promise I'll put up pictures of tonight's dinner.

I have gotten my wedding invitations about 90% of the way done, hurray! Jim has been helping out quite a bit. Other than that our lives have consisted mostly of trying to housebreak a puppy (as I speak she's sitting in the crate next to me). We took her to Petsmart today and bought some flea medication and gave her an opportunity to get used to seeing all kinds of people and dogs. She was a little scared, as Shelties tend to be, but according to everything I've read and learned lately, if you socialize them early they are very good around people and animals. So we'll make Petsmart a weekly trip until she's all the way vaccinated and we can start taking her to the park, etc.

And finally, on an extremely positive note, I hit a point in my weight loss today that I haven't experienced since high school! I still wear a bigger size than I used to, but I think that has more to do with the fact that although my weight is lower I still have more fat that I had back then, compared to muscle. Unfortunately, my gym time to fix that has been drastically cut short lately (puppy) but I'm sure with a little ingenuity I can figure out some at-home workouts that would yield more muscle tone.

Here's the latest super awesome website I've found. It allows you to log everything foodwise that you have in the house and then gives you stuff you can make to eat based on what you already have, so no more "I have nothing to eat" business. Pretty neat.

Anyway, that's all for now!

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