Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Well Jim and I are in the midst of a move to a new place as well as having just returned from a super intense wedding planning trip to KC, so I am ashamed to say I haven't cooked in forever. Or at least not put any effort into talking about it on my blog. I just wanted to post and assure everyone that I have every intent to continue posting about my cookery, but, like everything else in my life it seems, it will just have to wait until after the move. At least for pictures it will.

I did whip up a quick and easy beer bread today for Jim's work potluck... you know how when you are moving you just try to use up everything you have in your house without going to the grocery store again? Well that's what we're doing and we had a bottle of beer just hanging out in the fridge begging to be baked. Is it weird that for me, beer begs to be baked and not drank? Nah....

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