Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Glazed Donut Muffins

So after our whirlwind of a July in which I gained a few pounds back we are now back home and I'm back down to my pre vacation weight again. That was a relief. So of course, to celebrate, I made glazed donut muffins. My pictures didn't turn out that great because my camera was dead and I used my phone, but here's a peek:

Today I have overripe bananas sitting on my counter so I think I might whip up some low fat banana oatmeal cookies. Sounds delicious.

In other news, I'm becoming swiftly addicted to pinterest as well as a new baking blog called blue eyed bakers. It always blows me away that a) so many women out there have wonderful blogs about food and cooking and b) how well some of them write! These two sisters who write this blog have me in stitches regularly, check it out.

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