Thursday, August 25, 2011


There are lots of little things that I just love about my first day off of the week. Here are several.

I love throwing together what sad pathetic little ingredients I still have lying around after a week of cooking to make something like this garlic lemon basil pasta.

Wednesday is my grocery day so I always plan out the meals for the week and then I go to the grocery store and leisurely peruse the aisles to my heart's content.

I love bringing all the food home and putting it where it goes in my new kitchen with copious cabinet and fridge space.

I love washing my fruits and vegetables, chopping them, making my weekly tabouli and storing all of these in mason jars.

I love watching movies while Jim is at work in the middle of the night. It's the perfect time to watch both the extremely girly Jane Austen-type movies that I love AND the cheesy scary horror movies that he can't stand.

I love a ridiculously large bowl of popcorn and a pop while I watch these movies.

Speaking of those movies, I love that after having rated an absurd 787 movies on Netflix, it now knows me better than I know myself and suggests for me strange long-winded film categories that I didn't know existed like

Critically Acclaimed Quirky Thrillers

Feel-Good Independent Comedies Featuring a Strong Female Lead

Really hilarious. And finally, after I've eaten my popcorn and watched my probably scary movie, I love it when Jim comes home because it means our days off together have officially begun!

On a side note that has nothing to do with today... I loved hanging out with everyone this past weekend in North Carolina. I had a ton of fun and it officially marked the first time I've enjoyed myself on a dance floor.

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