Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Nothing to Offer

Yes that's right, I have absolutely nothing to offer you today.

Is it because I haven't been cooking?

No, because I made some delectable Oreo-stuffed brownies today.

Is it because I don't have pictures of said brownies?

No, I have pictures, but they're terrible!

Is it because I'm lazy?

While that's debatable, I'm going to go ahead and say no, just because I have a very well-organized list of things to get done starting as soon as I get off work.

Is it because I just don't feel like blogging? No. Because I've been reading Joy the Baker obsessively and between that and cruising Pinterest for hours (I blame you, Eileen), I have about a billion tons worth of inspiration for new projects.

The truth is, I'm writing from work, and even if I wanted to I couldn't share my crummy pictures with you.

Another truth is that before we moved, I began putting everything off until after we moved. Now I'm putting everything off until the weekend.*

I have projects! Loads of them in fact! I have so much to do, between stepping up my workouts, planning a dinner party and a wedding, raising a spoiled rotten puppy, chores, and work work work.

One of my projects has to do with being able to take better food pictures (without a better camera), which I believe we'll all appreciate. I'll share a process for that one once I actually accomplish it.

Do you think Jim has gotten the hint that I want a better camera for Christmas? Because really, at least 40% of the fun of cooking beautiful food is showing off photos of it, am I right?

Oh yeah.

*My weekend consists of Wed AM-Sat AM.

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