Sunday, September 11, 2011

Black and White Cookies

AKA "my new favorite cookie".  And if you know me, that should tell you something.

I just followed the recipe at joy the baker for these little puppies...I'll have to play around with it a little bit later, because at the moment I can't even begin to imagine how to improve on these absolutely delicious little rays of sunshine in my life.

Think you're too cool for the plain old flavors of buttery cakey dough, sweet sweet vanilla and decadent semi-sweet chocolate?  I did.


Seriously, on this one...believe the hype.

I think there was even a Seinfeld episode about these cookies...

They are, however HUGE, and as Jim said, "filling", so even though I made a double batch to give to a hungry college student, I have a feeling I'm still gonna have loads to get rid of come Monday.

Sorry about the lack of posts lately.  I was busy with more real-lifey posts, including sending out a delicious care package.  But I can't talk about that quite yet.  

Only 2 more episodes left before I run out of Mad Men to watch on Netflix.  I need helpful suggestions for something which can attempt to fill the void in my life that will be left when I can't watch that show anymore. Seriously...Don Draper, I'm not ready to let go.  


  1. hungry college student's first words to us after the game "Ashley made some amazing black and white cookies! They are fantastic!!!"


  2. I'm glad he liked them! I had so many leftover that I was forced to choke down about 10 of them... it was awesome!


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