Thursday, September 1, 2011

Stuff I Didn't Make!

We actually went out to eat tonight. The French Market Grille came very highly recommended, and we had cause to celebrate, so we tried it out. It was crab-nomenal.
In order to appreciate our dinner, you have to first understand my obsession with alligators. Before I actually moved here I fully expected to see alligators on a daily basis...crawling around in my backyard maybe. Then, in truly Jim-like fashion, my fiance completely denied even the possibility that alligators were anywhere near North Georgia.
I captured this as proof when we visited what I like to call "Gator Swamp" about 20 minutes from where we live. Anyway... I am a little obsessed with gators. Just a little. Anyway, we ate gator popcorn. It was delicious.
As well as she-crab soup
And of course the crab legs. There is something insanely gratifying about getting elbow-deep gluttonously covered in butter sauce eating crab like some sort of crazed otter. It was fun. No cracker necessary, bare hands homie. Jim had sea food pasta.
And we created our own six-pack of gourmet beer on the way home, of which I drank the following:
Just because in my opinion, fall is close enough to Halloween for me to indulge in spooky themed beers. This one claimed to be "blood red" but was more "reddish" but good.
I'd never tasted a double-bock before... I don't know a whole lot about them, but I love wheat beer, and this was delicious. And my favorite of the night:
If you can't read that it says "a deep mahogany ale, brewed with Belgian ale sugars, green raisins, and a sense of Purpose". Ha! I liked the Dogfish Head the best. So good. That's all I've got for you tonight, but I'll include a goofy picture of Cricket for good measure.
What a nerd.

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