Sunday, October 16, 2011

Taking Some Time Off

It's not that I haven't been's just that I haven't been baking anything new.

I made an apple pie, it turned out great.  I made chicken and dumplings...old news.  I made that sausage pasta I was talking about awhile ago.  Delicious, but it's been done.

Truth is, I'm still recovering from my time in Kansas City.  It was awesome, the weather was perfect, but I don't think I got more than five hours of sleep on any night during my trip.  That's ok.  I got by on pure adrenaline.

So yes, it's a little bit lame and a little bit of a cop out, but instead of recipes and food photos, I'd like to share with you some of my favorite places and things to eat in KC.

First off, let's talk barbecue.  We're known for it.  I never appreciated KC barbecue until I left.  Now, boy do I ever.  There are two schools of barbecue in Kansas City as far as I'm concerned.  High end and low end.  For our high end, we had Fiorella's Jack Stack cater the rehearsal dinner.

Specifically, we had "burnt ends" which are a KC specialty.  This is not my photo.  You can tell because it's great.

But, we also had some low end barbecue as well, courtesy of what I now believe to be possibly the best barbecue in Kansas City, Oklahoma Joe's.  Ironic, I get it.  But you don't get much deliciously skeezier than's in a gas station.
See, I told you it was attached to/inside of a gas station.

Ridiculously good and spicy bbq at Oklahoma Joe's.  Plus zombies.  How could I not love this stuff?
So there's your obligatory, albeit delicious, KC barbecue.  Let's move on to something just slightly different. One of my favorite little fast food chains that I love from back home but haven't seen anywhere else is Winstead's.  I don't think it's necessarily a "50's Style Diner"... I think it's just literally from the fifties.

We're talking lunch for under three dollars, a grilled cheese for $1.25, cherry limeades with real lime sherbert in them fifties.  That's how you know you've arrived.  Check it out.

Oh man, this is making me miss KC all over again!

Granted, there are many Kansas City only places I've certainly left out here, but these are a few good ones from my trip.  Guess I'll just have to take more foodie pictures next trip!  To end this appropriately cheesily, my heart is wherever Jim is...but my stomach belongs to Kansas City.

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