Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wedding Accomplished

Thus ends my hiatus from the blog.  I have had the craziest yet most enjoyable week of my whole life.  All the work and planning that I (and others) did to make that wedding happen was completely worth it.  I can honestly say that it was the best day of my life, and I wouldn't have changed a thing.  (Except for my mom spilling coffee on her legs an hour before the ceremony...ow!)

My wonderful Nana (that's what Italian kids call their grammas) and aunt spent the week leading up to the wedding baking all the various types of heavenly traditional Italian wedding cookies.  I had an entire cookie bar at my wedding.  It was PERFECT.  They went like hotcakes.  It's an awesome tradition, get on board.  I haven't gotten the pictures back yet from all the photographers, but here are a few that I managed to snag before they were demolished (which happened before we even arrived).

Here we have the fig I've said before they symbolize the badge of honor in my family, only the most skilled and deftest bakers are allowed to make them each Christmas.  I have yet to ascend to the Fig Cookie Echelon, just to be clear.  The others are what I have incorrectly dubbed "Italian Chocolate Spice Cookies", which though descriptive, isn't what they should be called.  My Nana and aunt both told me they are "Tatus", so I guess I was wrong.  They are incredibly delicious and my re-diet is just going to have to wait until I've finished gobbling them all down.

Much to my chagrin I still haven't gotten these recipes yet, despite many efforts.  They just aren't written down.  I'm pretty sure they're a collaborative effort, measured in handfuls of this, pinches of that, and improvised along the way.  Which I both admire and think is amazing, however, I am terrified that if I don't get my hands on some sort of recipe, these little beauties will disappear, and with them, a little bit of my culture, upbringing, and soul.  We can't let this happen.  I promise I'll keep working on it.

In other news, after careful consideration and a few food-related binges I have decided NOT to abandon the diet just because the wedding is over.

I look and feel so much better now than I did in March...I don't want to lose that.  However, my goals are going to shift from losing weight to maintaining and toning what I have.  Also, I hope to successfully quit calorie counting, because, though effective, it can become tedious after so long.

So in effect, my wedding was a total success, a foodstravaganza complete with cookie bar, and breathtakingly perfect in every way.  All my love to all the friends and family who made it so.

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