Saturday, March 3, 2012

Costa Rica Day 2 Monteverde

There are a few things I absolutely love about this country so far.

Wifi.  Everywhere.  We are in the jungle.  On top of a mountain.  In a secluded little bungalow or whathaveyou.

Jim in front of our bungalow.

Kitchens kitchens everywhere but not a thing to cook.

It's ridiculously beautiful.  I'm doing the typical tourista thing and taking photos out the car window of the views, and none of them come out as gorgeous as I'm seeing them.  This place is rainforest juxtaposed with beaches, lakes, mountains, towns, and tons of local flavor.  Speaking of flavor...

The food.  It's so fresh and simple and delicious.  I cheated a bit today and ate some foreign food at a couple ex-pat restaurants, but don't judge me too harshly.  Its all been amazing.

On the way up the mountain we stopped at a place described only as German Bakery.  It was a so-cool posh little dream come true in the middle of beautiful wilderness.  It's so hard to believe that a place like that can exist in the middle of the jungle, but I think that what those German ladies are doing puts my dreams of opening a DC area bakery to shame.

There, we had streudel and some kind of peach danish.  Awesome, of course.

Then we had dinner at this nice Italian place.

Jim had seafood pizza...I had never heard of such a thing.
There is tilapia, shrimp, squid, scallops, tuna, and mussels on there.
I had jumbo shrimp lemoncello pasta...Amanda turned me on to lemoncello and I can't stop.

This one may be cheesy but glass-bottle-pop.  Oh yeah.  I'm talking real cane sugar, dripping condensation, full on glass bottles.  Fresca?  Yeah it's crazy good.  Coke?  Duh.  Jim's been drinking glass ginger ale like it's going out of style.

On the way home we stopped at another bakery and Jim got one of these.  It's kind of like a cream filled donut...or a donut moon pie?  I don't know, it was rich and great.

There are only a couple things I dislike so far.  It gets dark super 5:30.  So when you're out in the woods there's not a lot to do past that point.    But that's not a huge deal and since we're waking up bright and early for a canopy walk, I'm okay with it.  Wifi makes these things scarcely matter at all.  So for those of you wondering how/why I can possibly have time to blog and whatnot on my honeymoon(and I know you're too nice to say it but you were probably wondering)...that's how.

The other thing is how scary the roads can be.  I mean sure, that's a symptom of how gorgeously mountainous this place is, but let's just say this is one of the less scary roadside scenes.

Also, today, on this very same super windy volcano-lakeside road, today there were like...seriously no joke...about 500 Costa Ricans riding mountain bikes in full bicycler gear on the world's scariest most narrow deadly road, causing a traffic jam both ways.  We saw like 5 ambulances trying to get through with sirens blaring and several police cars.

I don't know how 500 people could possibly want to ride bikes so bad that they endanger their lives, the lives of countless motorists, the lives of whoever needed that ambulance (probably a fellow cycler), sweat their butts off in the heat, look ridiculous, and suck gas fumes all at once.  I've ridden a bike.  It's not that fun.

Honestly though it made me a little jealous.  I wish I cared about ANY hobby in my life that much that I would be willing to go through all that just to do it.  It was rather humbling.  Anyway here's what that looked like...sort of.  You'll never fully understand though, this picture does the spectacle no justice.

That's all I've got for now, see you all later!

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